Fullstack Javascript developement.

London based team headed up by andrew keig, specialising in the design and build of cutting edge web technologies on the node.js, javascript stack.

Formed in 2011, airasoul aim to take node.js mainstream. We partner with clients, and provide consultancy. Andrew is the author of two books on Node.js, Advanced Express Web Application Development and RabbitMQ Messaging Application Development



  • Lean methodology
  • Minimal Viable Product
  • Value hypothesis
  • Validated Learning
  • Scrum
  • We practice behaviour driven development


  • decoupled application development
  • we prefer rest/resource based APIs
  • we build large systems using small processes and micro services
  • cloud based solutions
  • scalable service architectures


  • uniquely tailored to each client
  • test driven development
  • pair programming
  • code review


  • learn whats possible with node.js and fullstack javascript development
  • architectural analysis
  • workshops
  • code review



swagger documentation with express-validation

by, Andrew Keig

Learn how to document an Web API built using express, with swagger and express-validation.


by, Andrew Keig

Discover a simple way to validate express requests so that invalid requests never make it to your routes.

end-to-end testing with protractor and cucumber

by, Andrew Keig

Testing angular applications just got a little simpler with protractor, learn how to wire up protactor to cucumber in order to document our application using Gherkin.

importing data into mongoDb

by, Andrew Keig

Learn how to import data into MongoDB using grunt


Advanced Express Web Application Development

RabbitMQ Messaging Application Development